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Volume 08 - Reconstruction of the evolution of the Alpine-Himalayan orogen

The Alpine-Himalayan belt is a young orogen, a continuous belt of Mesozoic and Cenozoic deformation stretching from Spain to New Zealand.

The advent of plate tectonics 35 years ago provided an explanation for the large-scale plate kinematics associated with Alpine-Himalayan orogeny. However, when it comes to details, plate tectonics has proved to be insufficient to reconstruct this complex system. In reality, the Alpine-Himalayan orogen has been subjected to numerous processes involving motions of smaller continental ribbons, retreating subduction systems, back-arc extension and accretion of magmatic arcs.

In order to reconstruct the Alpine-Himalayan system, we need to analyse data derived from multidisciplinary sources and develop sets of spatio-temporal constraints. We can then test these constraints against a set of possible alternative reconstructions.

  • Reconstruction of the evolution of the Alpine-Himalayan orogen - an introduction Gideon Rosenbaum, Gordon S. Lister View Download PDF
  • Intracrustal tectonic evolution of large lithosphere mantle slabs in the western end of the Mediterranean orogen (Gibraltar arc) M. Sanchez-Gomez, J. Carlos Balanya, V. Gracia-Duenas, J.M. Azañón View Download PDF
  • Alpine deformation at the western termination of the axial zone, Southern Pyrenees Wouter P. Schellart View Download PDF
  • The Pyrenean orogen: pre-, syn-, and post-collisional evolution Jaume Vergés, Manel Fernàndez, Albert Martìnez View Download PDF
  • Western Alps geological constraints on western Tethyan reconstructions G.M. Stampfli, G.D. Borel, R. Marchant, J. Mosar View Download PDF
  • Reconstruction of the tectonic evolution of the western Mediterranean since the Oligocene Gideon Rosenbaum, Gordon S. Lister, Cecile Duboz View Download PDF
  • Arc-trench-back arc systems in the Mediterranean area: examples of extrusion tectonics Enzo Mantovani, Dario Albarello, Daniele Babbucci, Caterina Tamburelli, Marcello Viti View Download PDF
  • Global kinematic constraints to the tectonic history of the Mediterranean region and surrounding areas during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Antonio Schettino, Christopher R. Scotese View Download PDF
  • On the extension in western Anatolia and the Aegean sea C. Doglioni, S. Agostini, M. Crespi, F. Innocenti, P. Manetti, F. Riguzzi, Y. Savasci View Download PDF
  • From intra-oceanic convergence to post-collisionnal evolution: the India-Asia convergence in NW Himalaya, from Cretaceous to present Y. Rolland View Download PDF


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